Meet the Black Women: Chicago

Monday, July 12 The Buy From A Black Woman Inspire Tour

Presented By H&M hosted at the Michigan Ave H&M location

will feature these Black Women Vendors: ⁠⁠

Herbal Accession

Brittney Baddie is on a mission is to teach the community the benefits of using earth grown herbs, to cultivate better health and self-sufficiency while indulging in the magic of self-care Herbal Accessions is an organic relaxation homebody care line that will have you believe that healing starts within. Click to learn more about her company.

Chocolate Kinks & Kurls

Juanita Henderson of Chocolate Kinks & Kurls created haircare products to help make daughter proud to boos her hair crown. Chocolate Kinks & Kurls is a haircare line that offers stylers that are boosted with superfoods and signature clay washes that are formulated for specific hair, you’ll be claiming “Clay Bae” status any day now. Click to learn more about her company.


Susan Sasu knew that natural herbs, coupled with a desire for activate wholesome living could and would improve livelihoods. With her company, Gärden she provides a unique combination of herbal blends that help our users embody their desired feelings while creating eco-friendly accessories to match. Click to learn more about her company.

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