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to be filled with the urge or ability to do or feel something.

The Buy from a Black Woman Inspire Tour is a multi-city tour across the U.S. highlighting Black Women Business Owners who are finding, owning and living out their ambitions. 


The Inspire Tour is for those who are searching for options in a world that limits their voices.


It showcases the victories inside of their communities.


It opens a door for those who dare to want more.


By wanting more is how we begin.


Get lost in the possibilities. 


Black Woman Inspire Tour Dates 

3 July

atlanta, ga

15 July

fort lee nj

20 July

detroit, mi

5-7 July

5-7 July

new orleans, la

new orleans, la

17 July

brooklyn, ny

25 July

columbia, sc

14 July

philadelphia, pa

18 July

harlem, ny

29 July - 1 Aug

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All events are open to the public unless noted in event details. 

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